Maternity Rights in Switzerland (2014)

In June of 2013, the Swiss parliament adopted a new law with regards to insurance costs in case of pregnancy.   This new law came into force on the first of this month (01 March 2014).   Essentially, there was a modification to the federal law on health insurance (LAMal).  The law now stipulates that from the 13th week of pregnancy until 8 weeks postpartum, ALL women will be exempt from paying costs (deductible, expenses, etc.), in case of recourse to health services in case of illness.

The text of this law can be read in French: ordonnance sur l’assurance-maladie (OAMal).

This change means that all pregnant women, whether or not their pregnancy is deemed high risk or not, can take advantage of this exemption (up until the end of February, only women whose pregnancies were deemed low-risk were exempt from costs, complications were considered “illnesses” and so were not covered by LAMal).

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