About Me

mwFirst of all, thank you for visiting my page.   I hope that you are here to learn a bit about me as an event manager and administrative professional and also to learn a bit about the perinatal and peer-support that I offer and why it’s important to me.

First off, I’m the mother to a wonderful boy named Torsten. I live with my son in Nyon and have been in Switzerland since November 2008, though I have been an expat and global nomad for most of my life.  I started providing parent-to-parent peer support because, at the time of the birth of my son in 2007, I noticed that many women, myself included, didn’t have a circle of support (and if they did often a very weak one) that is so crucial when starting a family. I also noticed that in general, expatriate & international women often have an even weaker circle of support (far from family and close female friends) and so starting a family and finding information and support is even more difficult.

As such, when I arrived in Switzerland in late 2008 I immediately decided that I would put my efforts into strengthening support networks by bringing women, parents, and English-speaking foreign nationals together.  At the beginning, as I was a full-time mother, I coupled parenting with organising events and offering Online Peer-Support.

Through these events and online interactions, I noticed that our collective knowledge of pregnancy, childbirth, infant-care & behaviour, breastfeeding & parenting had waned, and as such so too had our ability to share (accurate) information within our circles and networks; therefore I trained and continue to pursue continuing education in these fields.  As my son grew older and I had more contact with families with older children, I saw that families in general were in need not only of perinatal support, but also administrative and everyday support, so I accepted a full time administrative position where I help both Swiss and foreign individuals, couples, and families in Switzerland manage their private administration, including their personal affairs and households.