Administrative Support

club9In addition to extensive experience in event management, I am also a proven administrator, having worked in office management for the UN and other international postings.  In these roles, and in others, I gained experience and became adept at online social interaction, e-group moderation, website content management, newsletter development, outreach, etc.   I continue to build on this experience to this day in roles I have had with NGOs, as an e-group moderator for several groups, and as a private administration manager.

Skills I have developed in the last 5 years include:

  • Customer Service
    Every professional phone call and email I receive is met with a friendly welcome, when action is necessary they receive a friendly and timely reply, tasks are followed-up on and completed; service providers are thanked and networks are built, etc.
  • Personal & Executive Assistance
    No question is too big, no task insurmountable.  Get your office up and running again with me as a member of your team.
  • Social Media Management
    All messages to e-groups are read and evidence-based information is provided when necessary, messages are moderated if discussions get heated, spam & viral messages are deleted, account permissions are controlled, social media trends & technology are followed in order to establish and update group policies as well as terms & conditions of use, etc.
  • Website & Database Management
    Web platforms are chosen, content management systems are updated and improved, documents are created and uploaded, user data is entered and updated, pages are maintained, etc.
  • Drafting and Copy-Editing Documentation
    Marketing and information materials are created and updated, including welcome emails and letters, newsletters, help sheets, terms & conditions, blogs, etc.