Perinatal Support

baby13Becoming a parent can be a happy, yet daunting time.  There are no words to describe it.  Doing it away from family and friends, you have no one to ask those everyday questions, that’s why I chose to pursue training in perinatal & family support.

I have undergone extensive training to take parents through the different phases: from Bump, Birth, Baby & Breastfeeding, and Beyond.  I also train perinatal professionals, such as trainee doulas, particularly in providing support to breastfeeding families. Finally, as a global nomad myself, I am to help families relocate and settle in to their lives in Switzerland.


Years ago, expectant parents, in particular mothers-to-be, were surrounded by other women — mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, girlfriends — and these women were the circle of support for the mother-to-be, providing reassurance, understanding, and information – i.e. companionship – vital ingredients during such a key moment in a woman’s life.  These women were present throughout pregnancy and many also throughout labour and birth and later throughout parenting, enabling the mother-to-be to feel secure and in control of her abilities and environment ultimately resulting in the most natural thing in the world: the birth and life of a new baby and a new mother.  Fathers-to-be, similarly, were surrounded and supported by their peers & elders — parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts & uncles — allowing them too to grow and be confident in their roles as fathers, partners, protectors, providers.

Living and working in a community of foreign nationals, away from family and friends, I knew parents needed to be able to turn to someone locally when unable to rely on their culture & experiences, nor on a more traditional circle of support, for answers.  I decided I could be that person.