Helena & Michael – Birth Companion

Michelle was such a wonderful resource & a great support, especially during the months leading up to the birth of our daughter Rebecka. Her positive attitude and wealth of information really made a difference for us.

My situation was a very unique one for Michelle – almost from the start there were many medical reasons why doctors recommended that I have a c-section. Despite this, I was quite adamant about having a vaginal birth.

Every time a new argument against it popped up, Michelle helped my husband and I research the situation. She was always supporting our style. When it came to the final decision on the last day, when we decided on an elective c-section and despite the hard work to prepare for a natural birth, Michelle immediately adapted to our new plans. She was more than willing to be by our side during the operation, allowing for a family-centered caesarean with my husband close to our daughter as she was born. Meanwhile Michelle updated me about what was happening on the other side of the green sheet as it was happening – just what I needed from someone I trusted.

We are very grateful for having Michelle as our doula and highly recommend her!

Natalie – Childbirth Education & Breastfeeding Help

I probably didn’t fully commit to my birth plan until about a month before my son was born. The birthing center, La Grange Rouge, was something that in my heart, I knew that I wanted to experience, but the idea of a complete non-medicalized birth (without even the possibility unless we drove down to the Nyon hospital!) was both terrifying and yet exactly what I wanted. I adored my midwife, but reassurance in French simply wasn’t enough. That is where Michelle came into the picture with her relaxed and sweetly discreet way telling me, ‘Of course you can do this, you were made to do this.’ As our antenatal childbirth educator, she gave us exactly the information we needed even highlighting for my husband the parts that he would most need during the birthing process. Her presence was imperative to me being able to have a successful natural birth away from the hospital. Even after the birth when I had questions with breastfeeding, she was the relaxed voice reassuring me all the while. Michelle is no doubt very professional, but it is her passion for birthing and mother-care that is beyond exceptional.

Melissa – Postpartum Support

Michelle came to my home 5 weeks after the birth of my second son. My parents were helping me out up until this time, so it was a great feeling to have someone else come to aid me while my husband was at work. Michelle immediately asked me what I was looking for in a “mother’s type helper” and she listened intently, which was very obvious by how she took the initiative to aid me around my home without me always having to ask her or direct her.

Michelle cared for my newborn son when I had to tend to my older son, or do some housework, etc. She helped with tidying up around the home, assisted with laundry, etc. She even went on to make me a nice lunch one day which was such a great surprise and stress reliever. Most importantly, Michelle was more than able to answer and give good advice regarding many of my postpartum related questions (e.g. breastfeeding, how best to cope with two children without one feeling neglected, etc). Michelle would be a great asset to any home whether prior to or after giving birth and I would highly recommend her.

Anonymous – Breastfeeding Help

I’m a breastfeeding mom and a few months ago, I was struggling with a very tenacious and painful milk plug. I had tried several different techniques and seen or spoken to a handful of different medical professionals and breastfeeding counsellors to try to solve the problem.

I started to become desperate because nothing was working and I was starting to wonder how I was going to get myself out of this month-and-a-half long situation. The fact that the milk plug was not opening itself was causing minor infections including exhaustion and sometimes flu-like symptoms.

Then finally one day, the plug began to open and drain. I spent a few days trying to help it heal but this ended in an extremely painful and exhausting 48-hour period when even my midwife didn’t know what to advise as the open plug was not healing properly. In desperation, it finally dawned on me to have a follow-up conversation with Michelle, one of the Breastfeeding Counsellors that I know and who I had spoken to when the whole situation began.

I will never forget this conversation because Michelle reminded me about a solution that she had mentioned at the onset of the plug. I had overlooked it initially simply because I was uninformed about the product she suggested and this second time I wasn’t sure what to think about these silverettes that she was mentioning. I couldn’t really understand at the time how they could work because she said that they were pure silver nipple caps and that because of their healing capacities, they could be a viable solution to my problem.

Well, the results were NOTHING SHORT OF MIRACULOUS. I literally could not believe my eyes when I saw how quickly the healing had begun. It turns out that it only took 48 to have almost completely regained a healed and even healthier nipple with soft pink and supple skin. I had to leave the silverette on for slightly longer than the 48 hour recommended treatment period just because my case was out of the ordinary. I was so ecstatic that the silverettes worked that when, to my dismay, another small milk plug (in the same location) appeared about three weeks later, I applied the silverettes and this new plug was healed in a matter of 24 hours.

I hope that the word will spread about how efficiently the silverettes can heal and that it will become an essential part of every breastfeeding mom’s survival kit. If you’d like to try them, Michelle sells them, just contact her for a pair.

Anonymous – parents club

“Personally, I think it’s worth it. I’ve already gained so much from the group in terms of friends so certainly worth it from that aspect alone!”

“Frankly 25chf a year would be a bargain for the service you provide. I think you fully deserve to be paid for the work you do/have done”

“You are well within your rights to charge. [The club] is vital service”

“My family and I are 100% behind you! What you do IS priceless! When we moved here 5 years ago I would have loved to have had [this club]. The small, Swiss company my husband works for had never hired a US employee and offered very little help to our relocation and adjustment. Even now, after 5 years, [the club] is still so valued and appreciated. Thank you!”

“I would happily pay an annual fee”

“I personally think everyone who benefit from it should donate something – as you said, every centime counts”

“You are so right about the value behind the work and time you put in. Given how much activity and effort I have seen since joining the group, I am sure the 30 hour week is a very very conservative estimate!! Clearly the whole group receives a huge amount of support (both practical and emotional) from this network, based on the daily activity and the complete range of subjects that come up. I think 25 CHF is under-selling the service personally.”

“The Parents Club’s online platforms provide a great resource to read what challenges Mums in this area are facing and what they are loving. As a Mum in the early years of starting a small business to help Mums make changes in life/work, this information is invaluable. I appreciate Michelle’s integrity and respect for the community, ensuring that the information is moderated and kept free of spam. Equally, when paying for adverts/blogs, Michelle goes the extra mile for you, ensuring it is well placed and communicated to all. I would strongly recommend Michelle & this incredible community & communication platform she has set up”

Erin – Birth Companion

I hired Michelle to serve as my doula for the birth of my first baby in 2012 in Switzerland. I wanted to try a natural, medication-free birth and she listened to my many questions, concerns, wants and needs and helped me prepare mentally and emotionally for when the time came. On the day of his birth, she was attentive, present, calming and supportive the entire time! The methods she taught me to cope with the contractions worked very well. Complications arose and when I needed to receive Pitocin to help my labor progress and later asked for an epidural to ease the pain, she remained an encouraging advocate for me and helped me feel calm through the hectic process. As an American ex-pat, it eased my mind so much to have a fluent French speaker familiar with the birth and maternity process in Switzerland.

Alesha – General

Michelle leads Support Groups every month in English in Geneva, where I’ve attended a few times. I was impressed with her professionalism, organization, and support in the meetings. She creates a space for mothers to share and help each other while supporting needs and concerns with relevant information and references.

Michelle also came to one of my prenatal yoga classes that I teach to discuss birth options and answer questions. She is an experienced Doula and has assisted in the preparation of one of my good friend’s birth and I’ve only heard positive feedback about Michelle as a Doula!

I absolutely recommend Michelle for her professionalism, organization, knowledge, and support for all phases of the birth, preparation, and post-partum.


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